Posted by: Self-Study Hall Monitor | September 19, 2007

Create a soundbite for your UVM experience.

How would you put the UVM experience into words? Give us your “soundbite” or “tagline” and we’ll add it to the collection. Keep it clean, cool and collected.

Here’s what some students, faculty and staff said in the UVM Accreditation Kick-Off meeting on Monday, Sept. 17:

  • Green and Gold: The best for the environment. The finest for education.
  • Expanding, Growing, Evolving.
  • Groovy since 1791.
  • Small enough to be personal. Large enough to be exciting.
  • Where student voice and vision lead the way.
  • Big town education in a small town community.
  • Big enough to open the world. Small enough to know it.
  • Small size. Big impact.
  • Where learning matters and you matter.
  • A healthy place to learn and live.
  • Vermont is cold, but UVM is cutting edge.
  • Smaller University with Big University Accomplishments.
  • Great university in a perfect place.
  • Catamount University: A purrrrrfectly engaged place.
  • Intelligent. Innovative. Engaged.
  • Promotes a healthy environment for living and learning.
  • Hot school in a cool location.
  • Enriched learning opportunities for self expression.
  • The Environmentally Green Mountain University.
  • A liberal arts experience with a research foundation.
  • Local scale. Universal focus.
  • Green and living it.
  • Live and learn in a green and hip place.
  • Healthy mind, healthy body, healthy planet.
  • Continuous growth. Collective flowering.
  • Because your education is your future.
  • Great place to work in a great city.
  • Human scale.
  • Learning, changing and growing.
  • Building knowledge and learning from one another.
  • Scholarship abounds.
  • Old values. New solutions.
  • Learning by the lake. For Vermont. For the Country.
  • Livin’ the educational dream.
  • Small but potent.

Also, at the same meeting, participants were asked how they explain what they like best about UVM to a potential colleague during a brief elevator ride:

  • An intimate and close environment that remains large and diverse enough to be exciting and challenging.
  • Excellent environment for learning, teaching and research.
  • The healthy balance between our collective wellbeing and our institutional achievement.
  • The State’s answer to “brain gain.”
  • Small, supportive environment can feel like what you do actually has an impact.
  • I like the sense of community, commitment to scholarly excellence, the freedom of thought or discussion that (mostly) prevails. The physical beauty of our setting.
  • The choice of opportunities in learning and meeting new people with different perspectives, interests and backgrounds.
  • The students–they’re active and engaged and want to change the world.
  • I love the diversity and variety of people, ideas and opportunities.
  • The intellectual excitement generated within and across departments and stimulated by the speakers invited as part of President Fogel’s initiative.
  • Independent, yet collaborative spirit. Diverse intellectual resources. Opportunities for engaged student learning.
  • The size of the university, the presence of the health science center, the feeling that you can get things done here.
  • The size and approachability of campus.
  • The atmosphere. The way others treat each other with kindness and respect.
  • The engaged community of learners and teachers. UVM is a place to express individuality and join together to accomplish amazing things.
  • Comprehensiveness of offerings, yet a scale that is small.
  • Size also allows you to know your peers from across campus.
  • Quality faculty, small university, above-average students.
  • The high quality of our research programs and the faculty.
  • UVM is the best mid-size university in a vibrant, rural, environmentally conscious and respectful setting.
  • Lots of smart people. Institutional integrity. Attracts interesting students.
  • The way we’ve created a very good, undergrad-focused research university on a shoestring. Our aspirations are higher than our budgets — and we often deliver.
  • I enjoy the diverse opportunities within a manageable size — lots of opportunities to link creatively.
  • A school that you would recommend to your heirs.
  • Location. Colleagues. Feel of private institution in a public institution setting.
  • The people that I work with –students, faculty and staff — and the pockets of energy.
  • The focus on high-quality undergrad education.
  • Accessible people. Sense of teamwork. Inspiring vision.


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