Posted by: Self-Study Hall Monitor | December 11, 2007

Soundbites from Focus Groups: Location and Environment

Location and Environment

UVM: A healthy vision for a healthy world

Learning to be green in the Green Mountains

Keeping Green in the Green Mountains

Green people rock

Burlington Vermont is home to Lake Champlain, gorgeous foliage, scenic mountains, and world-class education at UVM

You get to live in Vermont

First rate research in a beautiful environment.

Top tier university in a top tier environment

The Environmental University

You can get there from here.

Little known jewel of excellence in a beautiful environment.

Come see what everyone is discovering.

Incredible ideas from an incredible state

A great place between lakes and mountains.

History and pride in the green mountains

Green, open to new ideas, balancing work and play

A great liberal arts education in a unique city/state.

UVM: The best of many worlds

Comprehensive research university with a small school feel in a beautiful setting.

The Green University

UVM: Where teaching and scholarship aren’t mutually exclusive

Share and generate knowledge for betterment of society and protection of environment

Environmental leaders of the world!

Vermont‘s environmental university

The Greenest College


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